Battery Charger Installation

Battery Charger Installation

Juice engineers have the necessary skillset and qualifications to complete, at short notice, many aspects of charger installation of IP67 waterproof 240v (domestic or industrial plugged), chargers up to 600ah.

Electrical Power Proving Survey

Does your business need to reduce its operational running costs? Are you hoping to get ISO 50001 accredited? Juice Stored Energy can help!

We can offer your business a mains power ‘Power Proving’ assessment which can help your Energy Management System by demonstrating how you can reduce your business costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint as well as providing you with the data needed to aid you in gaining an ISO 50001 accreditation.


Check manufacturers claims for yourself! Our tests are at mains input not output only, so the results can be trusted!


The Battery Monitoring Unit is a tool fitted to a wet lead acid battery over short, mid or long term that periodically reads battery status and presents as general data.


How can it help me, or my customer understand the application usage, breaks and energy usage for a potential Lithium-ion solution?

The device enables the user to understand many battery factors such as:

  • Charge/discharge patterns

  • Shift patterns & existing equipment usage patterns

  • Breaks and periods of inactivity

  • Current/power draw from the battery across shift/applications

What is the process?
  1. On request, one of our Technical Account Managers or BMU Specialists will review the request to assess requirements of the output.

  2. Then we will attend your customers site and fit the BMU to the designated battery. The application of the BMU to the battery is non-invasive and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to install.

  3. Once attached to the battery, the device is left to record for the specified amount of time (up to 14 days). Your customer is encouraged to use the truck as they normally would so that the data presents an accurate representation of their operation.

  4. On collection of the BMU, the data will simply be downloaded, the BMU removed, and the information processed ready for distribution back to you. The information will come in one of two formats suited to you: raw data OR processed customer facing report and presentation.

For the 2nd option, a Juice Technical Account Manager will process the data, provide explanation and solutions based on the data and can also support you in presenting to your customer.