As energy specialists, we can use our knowledge and experience, and provide a range of surveys to support your operation

Energy Usage Assessment​

We can use our specialist equipment to understand how much mains energy is being used in a particular site or application. This can help support the introduction of a new fleet or change of operational infrastructure. The same survey can also be used to calculate energy savings when introducing new energy products or technologies

Infrastructure Planning

Before or during a new fleet of MHE or battery changing solution is agreed upon we can survey, review and offer detailed solutions. We are then able to support the project and complete the works required working as part of the project team.

Battery Health Check

The health check has many levels but it involves a deep dive into the energy fleet to gain an understanding of its current state’ the data sourced and assessed can support a variety of requirements. Its main function is to gain an accurate understanding to plan future spend, performance and allow measures put in place to avoid long term problems

Fleet Energy Application Usage

We can profile an application to understand the intralogistics and operation. We gain data such as equipment usage, battery rotation, cycle life, charger performance and many more to enable us to make ‘best practice’ proposals. In support, we are also able to provide battery monitoring units to record energy usage data.

In-house Battery Maintenance Training

If you have decided to complete the battery topping and associated preventative maintenance in-house, it is vital that work is carried out in a correct and safe manner to protect all employees. Working with acid, high voltage, electric current and fire hazards requires adequate training and high awareness levels.

In parallel, correct maintenance schedules and topping processes will maintain the battery life and available energy usage performance to a high level for a longer time period. 

At Juice we can support this by providing bespoke training options and equipment to support your operation and needs, all training is completed by our fully experienced team.

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