Electric MHE – Batteries

Electric MHE - Batteries

Juice Stored Energy’s position in the market allows us to recommend to you, the customer, the best technologies and solutions for your electric MHE battery operation, manufactured by globally proved and renowned brands.


From Juice, you will get what YOU need from YOUR electric MHE battery operation, with nothing less, and with our 10yr experience in the sector, more often a lot more!

New Batteries

Juice provide high quality cells in our batteries across a range of different technologies:

  • Standard Lead-Acid – (Strong and proven for the vast majority of electric MHE operations)

  • Gel – (for mid to lower use operations where a reduction in the cost of battery maintenance is favoured)

  • Heavy Duty (COMING SOON!) – (Ideal for fast charge and high tempo operations, where more traditional battery technology cannot keep up!)

All of our new lead acid cells will come as standard with a warranty respective of technology type

Reconditioned/Approved Used

Need a lower cost, lower use or shorter term solution without having to pay the premium to rent? With specialist equipment we use at our Headquarters, we are able to recondition and certify use of cells down to 80% of original capacity. We will even sure the battery up with a complete 12 month warranty.

Supply & Fitting

Utilizing our nationally deployed service team, we can always have an engineer on hand to install your new or reconditioned battery into your truck for you. We can even prepare your old battery for correct disposal.

Need a battery quicker? We have you covered. Our engineers are trained in reconditioning and repurposing the original battery tanks for a much quicker turnaround.

In any case, we will also provide you with information on how best to look after the battery from correct topping, charging and changing.

Disposal of spent batteries & cells

With any battery purchase where an FLT battery is being replaced with complete new or reconditioned, Juice offer a hassle free collection service and sizeable discount on your new battery. If this is of interest to your operation, please let us know and we will let you know what you have saved!

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For more information about our Batteries, Chargers and Products, or to book an appointment to discuss how ‘Juice’ can support your company please contact your account manager or email sales@juiceenergy.co.uk.