Electric MHE – Chargers

Juice recognise that across the entire spectrum of charging technologies, there is one that works best for your operation. We are on hand to guide you through like-for-like replacements, upgrades and even fringe product.


There is a lot involved in choosing the correct charger, and more to the point, to get the most from it! Charge times, battery temperatures, watering frequencies, input current draw and general charger functionality are all factors to consider.

New Chargers:

Juice provide high quality chargers across a two predominant technologies:

  • Conventional (50Hz) – Older and more simplistic units that carry a range of benefits suited to serviceability and robustness.

  • High Frequency (HF) – Smaller, more technologically advanced units capable of intelligent charging. This technology centres benefits around reducing the total cost of ownership, supporting eco-friendly intentions and being as kind as possible to your battery to support its longevity.


Do you require a short term solution? Our rental charger range covers chargers for all truck types.


Our rental service includes:

  • Rapid 1 hour acknowledgement of enquiries

  • Recently invested battery and charger rental range – brand new chargers available

  • Extensive range of chargers held in stock with quick response access to individual battery tray types where required

  • Express delivery options - 7 days per week

  • Customer service team trained to translate and align technical battery/charger requirements to specific MHE type and model • Short and long-term rental options to suit your needs.

Reconditioned/Approved Used

Need a lower cost, lower use or shorter term solution without having to pay a premium to rent?

We have a wide range of approved used conventional and high frequency charger in stock - with a warranty to match!

Supply & Fitting

Utilizing our nationally deployed service team, we can always have an engineer on hand to install your new or reconditioned charger into your electrical supply. We can even take away your old charger for disposal for complete.


All of our chargers will come as standard with a complete warranty which embodies our faith in the integrity of the products we provide. The length and type of warranty is respective to the charger type however, all chargers purchased as a package with a Juice battery will be subject to 5 year warranty cover.


Having daily experience with charger setups and operations for nearly a decade, we know that the busier your operation is, there is a good chance you will have encountered the likes of plug damage, trapped leads/cables and impact to the charger itself.


We get it, we really do! That is why we have a range of products designed to minimise the risk of these events happening so that you can minimise cost of servicing and repair, and more importantly, keep that asset running for when you really need it.

Please ask our team about:

  • Charger location

  • Plug and lead retractors

  • Mounting brackets

  • Signage

For more information or to book an appointment to discuss how ‘Juice’ can support your company, please contact your account manager or email sales@juiceenergy.co.uk or rentals@juiceenergy.co.uk