Forklift Battery Components

Juice provide only the highest quality products for your battery specification from new or for maintenance and servicing.


Electric forklift operation can be a physically challenging environment for all components involved so it is important that when parts are being specified or replaced, you are getting a solution that is going to be up to the task.

Battery Plugs

Juice can provide the entire range of battery and charger plugs for electric MHE operation, however obscure, we have seen it before.

The battery plug is a high-use component that, given the proximity of the positive and negative contact pins inside, is essential that it is in full working order.

Battery Leads and Connectors

It is very important that in electric MHE applications all connectors and leads are insulated to prevent conduction. The integrity of the battery leads and connectors is critical in minimising the risk of a thermal event. That is why, where components are compromised, they should be repaired or replaced immediately before the aforementioned has the chance to occur.

Juice supply and fit only the highest standard leads and connectors to keep your operators and operation safe.

Plug Handles

A simple part, yes, however, ensuring battery and charger plug handles are functioning correctly supports a positive outcome from a preventative maintenance perspective.

Those leads that your operator is pulling on to change the battery or put the battery on charge because the plug handle is broken and the plug is stiff could lead to a chain of events harmful to the battery and most importantly, your operator.

Battery Tanks

One of the most common issues with lead-acid battery operation is when the electrolyte from the battery cells comes into contact with the surface of the battery tray. This is most commonly caused by an over-topping event and if actioned quickly via a battery tank drain, the prognosis can be much better.

In some circumstances, the acid from the electrolyte can eat through the base of the tray, leading to leaking and subsequent damage to your fork-lift truck or warehouse space.

Juice can replace affected battery tanks with our new poly-coated tanks which we can perform on site, or if you would prefer, back at our depot and take advantage of a battery regeneration and capacity assessment.

Battery Cells

Your battery, made up of multiple cells, will have a manufactured and useable operational cycle life. Juice recognise this as packaged energy potential, that has to meet the needs of your specific operation.

In time, or falling short of recommended proposed operating procedures, the battery cells will eventually fail, either collectively, or one at a time.

Where spotted quickly, such as an operator noting that a truck is not lasting as long as it should, cutting out or showing truck faults related to the battery, a single failed cell may be found and providing other cells are in satisfactory condition and tolerances, Juice can support in replacing this cell before others start to fail at a quicker rate.

Where more than 10% of the cells in the battery have failed, a decision must be made on whether a replacement battery or repair is the best economic course of action.


Our priority is to keep your total cost of ownership down and your operational capacity up so as to avoid continuous bouts of cell failures and cost.

Supply & Fitting

Utilizing our nationally deployed, 40 strong service team, we can always have an engineer on hand to repair or replace any part of your battery presenting an issue.


Our qualified engineers will be on hand to share with you any advice on both preventative maintenance and future proofing solutions for your electric MHE operation – we are there to help!

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