Topping Services Enhanced by iTAG

iTAG improves service tracking accuracy with paperless record keeping.

Battery maintenance is an essential and routine part of making sure that a battery room runs smoothly, however, keeping track of the service activities on a battery fleet isn’t easy.


The iTAG Service-Tracking System uses barcode scanning technology to record battery maintenance activities quickly and accurately. It also records the tasks online, providing end users with complete visibility across the entire battery fleet:

  • Customise online tracking portal

  • Co-ordinate multiple locations easily

  • Scan via a mobile app

  • The ability to scan and record maintenance tasks using a mobile phone helps to speed up maintenance services and gives complete online visibility


The iTAG app works with our online battery data platform, so every task tag you scan via the app is recorded and uploaded to the website. Consequently, there is no more manual tracking, no more lost paperwork, and no more missed tasks. It also hugely improves the efficiency of the engineers on site, allowing them to complete more maintenance jobs in one visit.


Having a complete online record of maintenance tasks allows ‘Juice’ to schedule services only when they’re needed, and lets customers see exactly what has the engineer carried out when visiting a site.

How iTAG works

The iTAG system includes robust, plastic barcode tags and an app for both Android and Apple. An iTAG is securely attached to each battery asset. When a battery is serviced, our technician scans the iTAGs barcode and selects the corresponding service activity from the app, indicating that the required service has been performed or repair is needed.

After the service visit has been completed, our engineer syncs the information to the cloud where it is stored and organised for viewing with any web browser. Authorised personnel can then visit the online site to see an inventory and complete service history of their assets within all of their warehouses or distribution centres.


For more information about ITAG or to book an appointment to discuss how ‘Juice’ can support your company please contact your account manager or email