Offer Ending Soon – T-105 Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery

Special Offer Ending soon from Fortis Battery Care on the 6 Volt T-105 Deep Cycle Monobloc ends on the 18/12/2015
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Renowned for superior performance, durability and reliability Trojan Battery Company produce long-lasting, reliable, deep cycle batteries delivering superior power for any application resulting in increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance.

This flat plate traction monobloc battery is commonly used as a :

  • Battery for cleaning machines
  • An Access platform battery
  • Solar power battery for solar applications
  • Battery for an Electric Car/Vehicle
  • Deep cycle application
  • Motive power battery


  • Volt: 6
  • AH@ 20 Hr: 225
  • AH @ 5 Hr: 185
  • Dimensions (mm): 264 x 181 x 276
  • Weight: 28kg

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