What is Deionised Water? | Fortis Battery Care

Deionised Water- What is it and how is it important?
Deionised water is the purest form of water. Over time normal tap water will start to erode forklift battery cells so by removing all these impurities

  • sodium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • copper
  • chloride
  • bromide

The Forklift batteries life and its efficiency will increase. The process of deionization removes all those impurities from the water through ion exchange. Positively and negatively charged ions are removed from the water and replaced with H+ and OH- ions. When these two ions are combined, they form H2O or purified water.

Why use deionised water instead of distilled water?
Distilled water is created through a process in which water is boiled, the steam is collected and then condensed back into water. This process creates a finished product free of minerals, having left all the impurities in the original water sample. However some impurities do remain as deionised water is four times cleaner than distilled water so it is the best water choice for battery life and efficiency.

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What sizes are available to buy from Fortis Battery Care?
We sell deionised water in single 25 litre containers or in pallets of 12 containers, a total of 300 litres of water.