PS600 Deioniser Refill Cartridge – Deionised Water for your Forklift Batteries

Deionised water is excellent quality for your forklift batteries. Giving a forklift battery a longer life and increased efficiency. Currently 15% off until the 31/01/2016 is the PS600 Deioniser Refill Cartridge which will produce an average of 600 gallons for your forklift battery system.

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The cartridge is for use with the PS300 Philadelphia Scientific water deioniser system. For further information on how the whole system works please see the following System Information and  Installation Instructions .

For more information on Deionised water, its benefits and other products we have for forklift battery watering systems, we have created a short informational piece about why its better than distilled water, what impurities it removes from tap water and how it works. Please see the informational page here.