Micropower Charger- Special Offer While Stocks Last

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Micropower Charger Special Offer for a limited time:
The SMC-HF 24 volt 60 watt single-phase forklift charger is a regulated and primary switched forklift battery charger. With charging curves for most applications and battery.

The charging process is optimized for all types of batteries and applications. So in the shortest possible time the battery is completely charged with low water consumption and minimal wear on the forklift battery.

Weighing only 3.1kg with cabling and having small exterior dimensions. It makes it ideal for wall assembly saving you valuable floor space.

The SMC-HF chargers are controlled by an integrated microcomputer. For the full Micropower Charger technical specification please view this technical PDF 

Reduced in Price while stocks last- Hurry before they’re all gone!