Watering Systems- Visual Comparison

Previously on our blog we ran through ‘Which Battery Watering Systems is right for you‘ which ordered everything from degree’s of automation. From the Manual Topping Bottle right through to our Battery Care Plans.

To continue with aiding our customers in finding the right battery watering system for their batteries, Philadelphia Scientific have created the below video on a timed comparison between the various battery topping systems available.

The products featured are: on the top left a BFS system with a hydrofill cart, the top right is an engineer using an Auto Shut Off Gun and the bottom left is the Aquajet water injector system.

Through the time trial you can see that the Aquajet system is the fastest for topping, so the engineer is able to top more batteries in the time it takes the other systems and components to.

The fastest system (Aquajet Water Injector System) is a new item on our website and is available for a 12, 18, 20 and 24 cell battery.

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Top Down view of an Aquajet system fitted to a battery.