*Special Offer* PS600 Deioniser Refill Cartridge Now £90 + VAT

PS600 Refill Cartridge 

When combined with the PS300 Philadelphia Scientific water deioniser system it enables you to make your own purified water which will increase forklift battery performance

Dimensions – 690mm x 123mmbattery topping, deioniser refill cartridge, cartridge,

A single cartridge will produce an average of 600 gallons, 2300 liters, of purified water for forklift battery topping.

Hard water in your water supply may be causing poor forklfit battery performance. Metallic impurities in water can affect cell voltages and increase self-discharge, resulting in shortened battery run time and reduced battery life

Using a deioniser system is a simple and effective way to maximize your forklift batteries life.

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