Peak Power provided by Juice!

The Christmas season is almost upon us and with it comes the worry of forklift peak power requirements. Our specialist service *guarantees* to cover your seasonal peak energy needs ensuring no costly breaks in business output.

Juice is the largest independent, nationally deployed service provider that can provide service and maintenance on all products, regardless of brand and/or origin – Where products fail in service, Juice is on standby to provide loan bridging kits, batteries, chargers, roller beds, change gear that will ensure your fleet is maintained at optimum.

As well as providing dynamic battery topping and cleaning services, we supply short term rental units for any truck type and technology requirement. We are specialists in optimising stored energy in order to maximise operational uptime. Our approach at all times is data driven, allowing you to make fact driven decisions about your facility, your bottom line.

Our service offer includes a 4 hour response time and a range of bespoke maintenance packages. Please email if you would like to arrange a detailed review of your current industrial battery fleet, charging regime & peak power requirements.

You can also find out more about Juice and our journey here


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