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  1. *Special Offer* PS600 Deioniser Refill Cartridge Now £90 + VAT

    PS600 Refill Cartridge 

    When combined with the PS300 Philadelphia Scientific water deioniser system it enables you to make your own purified water which will increase forklift battery performance

    Dimensions – 690mm x 123mmbattery topping, deioniser refill cartridge, cartridge,

    A single cartridge will produce an average of 600 gallons, 2300 liters, of purified water for forklift battery topping.

    Hard water in your water supply may be causing poor forklfit battery performance. Metallic impurities in water can affect cell voltages and increase self-discharge, resulting in shortened battery run time and reduced battery life

    Using a deioniser system is a simple and effective way to maximize your forklift batteries life.

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  2. Popular Products This January

    Since we are nearing the end of this month, here are the most popular forklift battery products across the site. forklift battery charger, micropower, popular, popular products, micropower charger, HF charger

    In Micropower Battery Chargers the most popular charger was the Micropower SMC-HF Single Phase – 24 Volt 8 Amp Forklift Battery Charger

    This SMC-HF 24 volt 8 amp single-phase forklift charger is a regulated and primary switched forklift battery charger with charging curves for most applications and battery. The charging process is optimized for all types of batteries and applications, so in the shortest possible time the battery is completely charged with low water consumption and minimal wear on the forklift battery.

    Weighing only 1.8kg with cabling and having small exterior dimensions making it ideal for wall assembly saving you valuable floor space.

    deionised water, forklift battery, water, deionised, popular product, special offer, With the battery watering products, no surprises here it was our special offer that proved most popular this month. Deioniser Refill Cartridge for Philadelphia Scientific Range

    At £89.99 a reduction of 15% it is (Yes its still on offer until the 31st!) the best priced refill cartridge on the market.

    This PS-600 Replacement cartridge for use with the PS-300 Philadelphia Scientific water deioniser system will produce an average of 600 gallons, 2300 litres, of purified water.

    Dimensions – 690mm x 123mm


    industrial battery, popular products, AGM, AGM Battery, gel battery, gel agm battery, monobloc

    In Monobloc / Industrial Batteries the MCA Deep Cycle AGM 6 Volt GB6200 or FCD6-200 Monobloc Battery is the most popular.

    This battery unlike conventional batteries, , have immobilized electrolyte (gelled sulphuric acid or AGM). This is maintenance free as they don’t require topping up.

    This battery is commonly used for:


    • Traction Battery
    • Telecoms Battery
    • Battery for standby power needs


    forklift battery, forklift, forklift batteries, popular products, forklift, Another popular product was our forklift batteries, [Get a quote here ]

    We at Fortis are able to send a quote for any new forklift battery you require, just fill out the form on our quote page and we will get back to you with a price.



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  3. Offer Ending Soon – T-105 Deep Cycle Monobloc Battery

    Special Offer Ending soon from Fortis Battery Care on the 6 Volt T-105 Deep Cycle Monobloc ends on the 18/12/2015
    offer ending, trojan, t-105, monobloc, battery, deep cycle, special offer

    Renowned for superior performance, durability and reliability Trojan Battery Company produce long-lasting, reliable, deep cycle batteries delivering superior power for any application resulting in increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance.

    This flat plate traction monobloc battery is commonly used as a :

    • Battery for cleaning machines
    • An Access platform battery
    • Solar power battery for solar applications
    • Battery for an Electric Car/Vehicle
    • Deep cycle application
    • Motive power battery


    • Volt: 6
    • [email protected] 20 Hr: 225
    • AH @ 5 Hr: 185
    • Dimensions (mm): 264 x 181 x 276
    • Weight: 28kg

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