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  1. Christmas Delivery

    There is still time to order online from us for delivery in time for Christmas (subject to stock availability). Ensure you order by 12noon on Friday 21st December to receive your parts on Christmas Eve. To buy online click here.

    christmas delivery

  2. Micropower Battery Charger Range

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we are the UK distributors of Micropower Battery Chargers, so whether you are thinking of upgrading your conventional charger to a more energy efficient High Frequency (HF) version or require spare parts for your existing Micropower charger we can help.

    Micropower’s most popular product is the SMC-HF battery charger but this has recently changed name to Sharp. These do the exact same thing as the previous SMC-HF versions but the range now also includes the previously named Robust chargers. These chargers are suitable for harsher environments such as working in wet and damp conditions or dusty environments.

    There has also been some models discontinued including the STC, MTM and MTM-HF.

    New chargers can be found here but if you require parts or aren’t sure which charger you need please contact us and we can help.

    Micropower Sharp Charger

  3. Fortis trusted brands

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we only sell products from brands we trust.

    Regardless of whether your purchase is a single bolted connecter or a battery charger we will only sell you a product from a brand that we believe will offer you the best quality. Brands we sell include Micropower, Frotek, Anderson, Rema, Philadelphia Scientific & many more!

    Click here to visit our online shop.


    New logo colour

  4. Have you seen our brand new website homepage?

    As you may have noticed we have a brand new company logo and to coincide with it we have also launched a brand new homepage. Our new homepage provides you with more information about what we do: we are much more than just a product supplier! Click the image below to take a look!

    Fortis Battery Care Website



  5. Fortis Launch Sales of Forklift Battery Components

    Launch of Battery Components!

    battery components, forklift battery components, components, accessories, battery accessories

    We have over 250 products in our new battery components range! All neatly organised for easier customer access!

    battery components, forklift battery components, battery accessories, forklift battery accessories

    All the components are organised into their own category’s and then filtered down on individual pages, for example certain widths of connectors, ie the 25mm Bolted Connector has all the lengths available on its own page. So if you need a 25 x 75 mm Bolted Connector it is easily found by going into Connectors > 25mm Bolted Connector then selecting 75mm from the length drop down menu along with the quantity you require! Its as simple as that. Here is a print screen demonstrating how easy the process is:

    25mm bolted connector, battery components, bolted connector,

    Enjoy looking through our new range with ease! Unsure about what battery components you need? Get in touch!

  6. Popular Products for February

    Since its the beginning of a new month – lets look back on the popular forklift battery products for February!

    Our top product this month was Forklift Batteries! identifying battery, forklift battery products, forklift battery

    At Fortis we are able to send a quote for any new forklift batteries you require by filling in the form on our website. To speed up the process though we really do prefer customers to send in pictures of their forklift batteries they need replacing. Particularly of the identification label on the battery as illustrated on the right.

    It helps us to get you a faster quote and helps customers who don’t know the full information of the battery they want replacing.

    forklift battery products, micropower, 48 volt 60 amp, reduced priceIn forklift battery chargers it was the Micropower SMC-HF Single Phase – 48 Volt 60 Amp Forklift Battery Charger.

    Which along with the rest of the Micropower range has just been reduced so its old price of £1,200 is now £836.65 + vat. 

    The Micropower 48/60 is a primary switched, regulated charger with charging curves for most battery types and applications. The charging process is optimised for every existing battery type and application, so that the battery is fully charged in the shortest possible time with low water consumption and minimal wear on the battery.
    Weighing only 12kg including cabling and with small exterior dimensions that make it suitable for wall assembly saving you valuable floor space.

    forklift battery products, gun x battery watering, battery watering gun

    With the watering products the most popular last month was the Gun X Auto Shut off Battery Watering Gun 

    The Philadephia Scientific GUN-X is the next generation in forklift battery watering gun technology

    Simply connect the Battery Watering Gun to a standard water hose or a deioniser, put the tip of the gun into the cell and squeeze the ergonomic handle

    The mechanism will automatically shut off at exactly the right electrolyte level. The reliable Watering Gun speeds up forklift battery watering, improves filling accuracy, and improves operator safety

    For use with the Philadephia Scientific deionising water system.

    fThe most popular forklift battery products for the Industrial Batteries was the PB12130S Monobloc is also know as a 30XHS Monobloc.

    Volts: 12

    Capacity @ 20h: 130

    Capacity @ 5h: 105

    Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 330 x 172 x 236

    Weight: 30kg

    Terminal Type: Automotive Post & Stud Terminal


    Don’t forget if you need help with your purchase of forklift battery products get in touch!

  7. Brands We Stock at Fortis

    At Fortis we stock brands Philadelphia Scientific, Trojan, Micropower and our own Fortis Battery Care.

    Click the links above to browse our product range in the brands listed. All available to buy online through out website with UK Delivery. Currently we have a Trojan item on offer. The T-105 Monobloc is currently only £89.99 + VAT.



  8. Missed an update?

    Missed an update from us?


    If you have missed an update we are also available for customers to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google + whatever platform you prefer you can follow us and keep up to date with new products and offers you can share with others so everyone can benefit.

  9. Relaunch of Fortis Battery Care Website

    Here at Fortis Battery Care we have over 25 years of experience in the industrial battery sector and we have now been able to bring our expertise online with the launch of our brand new website

    fortis battery care

    We have relaunched with a brand new store giving you the opportunity to quickly and easily buy watering systems and battery chargers online for forklift and industrial batteries and soon safety equipment, accessories and batteries will also be available.

    Our range of products available online is growing weekly and it includes brands such as Micropower, Philadelphia Scientific and our own brand Fortis battery chargers. We also offer UK wide delivery and most goods are available with a very short lead time.

    Regardless of whether you are a trade or retail customer we offer an unrivalled customer experience so you can buy with confidence with Fortis Battery Care.

    If you have any queries regarding products or services please contact us.