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Juice Stored Energy Emergency Response – Going the Extra Mile!

Juice Stored Energy Emergency Response – Going the Extra Mile!

Juice recently responded to an urgent request from one of our valued clients following an incident at one of their distribution centres where a new battery had gone up in flames while a truck was in use, requiring the operator to carry out emergency evacuation procedures.

Juice attended the incident scene shortly after emergency service had made the area safe. The end user in this case commissioned Juice to complete a full independent investigation which provided the client with solid fact-based ground on which to build a successful case against a battery manufacturer. Our findings were later ratified by specialist electro/chemical metallurgists.

With the client wishing to avoid similar incidents across the wider estate, our services provided the client with sufficient confidence from our fact based, independent information for the client to commission a nationwide, battery and charger safety survey specifically designed to provide the client reassurance that this specific prevent incidents like this occurring again.

To ensure complete safety our team of engineers rose to the challenge and completed a national safety survey in just four weeks for the client across their sites across the UK. Our thorough and robust systems covered a full health check and in the short time sensitive window we were able to:

  • Visit 40 distribution centres

  • Survey over 1666 batteries

  • Survey over 625 chargers

  • Fully asset label all equipment for traceability and monitoring

  • Fully tag, document and update all asset information

  • Check terminals torque for safety and fire prevention

  • Check all harness leads, plugs and connectors for damages

  • Secure all harness leads for snag prevention

  • Inspect chargers for damages and environmental element ingress.

  • Clean chargers where excess ingress present

  • Secure charger plugs where required to prevent cable snagging and plug damage.

  • Inspect PPE stations for expired eyewash or damaged safety wear

  • Upscale and renew PPE Stations where required

Our client had their operator’s safety front and centre as their main priority throughout this process. Juice was able to eliminate risk, provide operational improvements and upgrade safety equipment across the entire estate, within just 30 days of the initial incident ensuring no time lost over product warranties, equipment lease or contract conflicts. Juice ensured this project was delivered professionally, without jeopardising or compromising product technical integrity.

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