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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We just wanted to share some comments from our staff both old and new.

Teamwork makes the Dream work.

Claire Lenowski - Customer Service Controller

" I have recently been appointed by Juice as part of the Customer Care Team and the entire recruitment process left me with no hesitation in accepting the role.

I am excited and thrilled to join the company and department and can’t wait to meet new colleagues and deliver the company values."

Beth Kirkwood - Performance Account Manager

“I have only been with Juice for one year as a Customer Service Controller and in this short time I have been promoted to a new role as Performance Account Manager. I’d have never imagined being given such a great opportunity so soon and I’m eager to start developing my managerial skills”

Denae Glenn-Johnson Contract & Allocations Team Leader

“I have worked for Juice for just over two and a half years and have recently been given the opportunity to become the Contract and Allocations Team Leader. This has given me the opportunity to develop my skills whilst managing a small team. It also enables me to interact closely with a wide range of people both internally with Juice colleagues and externally with our many clients across the UK.

Matthew Walker – Battery & Depot Technician

“I have recently joined Juice as a Trainee Battery Technician and found the entire process simple and seamless. Everyone was extremely helpful and made sure that I settled in. I applied to Juice because the role seemed perfect for me and had many aspects that I felt would suit me well. Another huge reason for me wanting to work at Juice was the people, they were all so welcoming and helpful and I knew it would be a brilliant place to be.”

Dan Walters - Regional Team Manager

“I have worked with Juice for over 5 yrs after starting as a Maintenance Operative. I set a 5 year plan to become an Engineer within Juice, however with the training and progression given by the company I was able to achieve my goal within 2 years. I have since been promoted and developed to Team Leader and currently I am a Regional Team Manager. I am now able to help others grow and excel within Juice ,maintaining our great customer service. Juice is a company that invests in those who are prepared to invest into the company and its’ customers.”

Sam Cowley Project Manager - South

"Juice goes above and beyond for their customers”

Faisal Khan - Trainee Battery Technician.

“Juice is an amazing company to be part of. I've only been with Juice for three weeks, but I honestly can say that the company and the people are tremendous.”

David Smith – Customer Service Controller.

I have been with Juice Stored Energy for a few weeks now and I couldn’t be happier! All the staff I have met have been so friendly and helpful and the working environment is super welcoming. You can really tell the company management are really committed to growing the business and I look forward to being a part of it!

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