Juice Rentals

Why choose 'juice'....

Juice rental batteries are already powering some of the largest MHE fleets throughout the UK with clients enjoying the benefits of worry-free battery and charger hire. And because Juice batteries are brought to you by a truly independent supplier with over 25 years’ experience in the industrial battery sector, you can be sure that you’ll receive the very best level of service and commitment.

How we add value to your rental requirements
  • Rapid 1 hour acknowledgement of enquiries

  • Same day turnaround for all enquiries including technical verification – ‘Customer First’

  • Recently invested battery rental range – brand new batteries available 

  • Extensive range of batteries held in stock with quick response access to individual battery tray types where required

  • Customer service team trained to translate and align technical battery/charger requirements to specific MHE type and model

  • Variable and competitive pricing with discounted rates for longer term rentals and added flexibility where hire periods may change

  • Flexible invoicing arrangements

  • ‘Guaranteed Power’ during hire stints supported by the largest deployed UK service engineer base in our sector

  • Lease-to-Buy options available for clients wishing to acquire asset at any point during the hire period

For more information about Juice Rentals or to book an appointment to discuss how ‘Juice’ can support your company please contact your account manager or email Rental@juiceenergy.co.uk.

IF you would like a guide on how to maintain your rental batteries please see our handbook found here or click the picture.

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